Bakers' Awards

The Issue

A growing number of people are overweight with many now morbidly obese; this is often as a result of poor diet linked to being disadvantaged both socially and economically. There is great concern amongst health professionals, educators and politicians about the severe health problems caused by obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.  To change bad eating habits, we need to remove barriers to healthy eating, to ensure the affordability of healthy food, to encourage the development of positive attitudes to sensible eating, to improve food selection and to develop skills in food preparation including baking.

The Award

The Incorporation of Bakers maintains a programme of grants of up to £1000 to charities and other bodies providing help for those with poor or inadequate diets within the Glasgow postal area. 


Applications are invited for grants of up to £1,000 from charities or voluntary groups within the G postcode areas engaged in improving the quality of life and health of people who are socially disadvantaged by their lifestyles, income and health.

We wish to tackle barriers to healthy eating such as affordability of food or the availability of healthy foods through the development of positive attitudes to sensible eating, and the improvement of food selection and food preparation, including baking.

Funding is available for items of equipment needed for food preparation, and the day to day running costs of food preparation courses. We expect our grant to provide benefits by making a difference to people's lives, particularly by improving their health and well-being through healthy eating and food preparation.

Application forms may be obtained by contacting Miss Katrina Tilston at the Trades House of Glasgow Administration Centre by telephone: 0141 553 1605, or by email  .