Balornock East Residents Association

Professor Sir Michael Bond, Robert Robertson and Morna Black visited the Residents Association premises and met with Amy Donnell, Project Manager, and three of her colleagues. We were shown the stove which had been bought with the funds. One colleague who was also a joiner had built a trolley for the stove to be easily transported to the main activity area of the premises for the food preparation courses. The kitchen area was too small for cookery demonstrations. 

They reported that younger groups of children enjoyed cooking while the older groups preferred baking. However, when the young groups did bake this was a revelation to them particularly as they could see the dough rising in the new stove. A improved willingness to try vegetables was noted during the courses. The children also brought in recipes which they wanted to try to make showing their enthusiasm for these activities.

 In addition, we were shown the outside activity area and their raised beds where vegetables were grown. Despite the night time visits of youths to this area there has been no damage which underlines the respect with which the centre's work is regarded.

The Residents Association is working closely with the city housing authority on the redevelopment of the area. They will be moving to a purpose built centre immediately adjacent to the current terrace they occupy helped with substantial grants from other funders. They have a vision of renting out shop units in the rebuilt block shops that they current work in as well as taking on the local post office. The Residents Association has been in existence since 1979 and is obviously building on its success with a solid vision for the future.