The following received Bakers' Awards for 2013-14 :

Preshal Trust

Report on follow up visit on 31 July 2014

The Founder, May Nicholson, showed Collector Jamie Dobson around the new Preshal premises, with particular emphasis on the wonderful new kitchen.  The focus of the Incorporation's support of Preshal through the Bakers' Awards has been on teaching basic cooking skills.  How this was achieved in the previous kitchen is itself a wonder and the new kitchen is a significant leap forward in this work.  There has been a massive uptake in the cooking classes since the new facility opened, including the ability to teach cooking to those in wheelchairs.  The Incorporation's most recent grant provided much used equipment to facilitate the teaching process.

Jamie was entertained to a delicious lunch as a sample of the quality of the cooking enjoyed by Preshal's users.

May was assured that the Incorporation hoped to maintain a continuing relationship with Preshal and was encouraged to apply for further funding.


Deaf Connections

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Report on  visit  27 June 2014 

Master Court members Jamie Dobson and Jim Gibson visited SEAL (South East Area Lifestyle) and met with Brenda Sowney (Manager) and Margaret Rutherford (Deputy Manager), to hear feedback on the cooking courses which had been funded by the Bakers. 

SEAL had run two 8 week courses for 2 hours each week.  Both courses had the Commonwealth Games as a theme, and each was attended by ten teenagers from a local youth club.  One course had been held in January and the other in June. The June course had been timed to fit in with the Gorbals Fair held on Saturday 7 June, of which SEAL is the main organiser and which this year was attended by around 1500 people.  The aim of the courses had been to introduce young people to basic cooking skills and so help them and their families to eat more healthily and economically. The course tutor was a food scientist, assisted by two part-time teenage employees of SEAL. 

SEAL receives funding for its main, contracted activities from the Health Board and a number of other agencies, but this is earmarked for purposes other than cooking. SEAL therefore particularly appreciated the Bakers' funding, which had allowed them to introduce a different activity, in response to client demand, and which had paid for the course tutor, equipment and ingredients. 

It was explained that many in SEAL's client group became mothers while teenagers themselves and have never acquired basic cooking skills or learnt to use even basic implements. The courses aimed to enable young people to produce simple recipes and were considered to be very successful, as demonstrated by

  • enthusiastic verbal feedback sessions at the end of the courses, resulting in the students then organising a "Come dine with me" event for family and friends, 
  • an appreciation that cookery is not a "mystic art" and that much of it is common sense
  • there is now a waiting list for cookery classes
  • a perception that local interest in cookery (and an awareness of the problems of obesity) is rising
  • the course participants had then gone into local primary schools and helped the children make aprons decorated with Commonwealth flags
  • the teenage employees who had helped on the courses had themselves gained in confidence.  

SEAL had produced its own very positive evaluation report with a variety of pictures which clearly demonstrated that the participants had thoroughly enjoyed the courses.  We were also shown some of the recipes used on the courses, from, for example, Canada, Scotland and Jamaica. 

SEAL had not as yet applied for Bakers' funding for this year, as they had already received funding for three years running and did not think that they would be eligible. We confirmed that the work they were doing certainly fitted the criteria for the award and encouraged them to apply. 

Conclusion:  the courses appeared to have been well run and enjoyable, and were having a positive "ripple out" effect in the community.  


Geeza Break

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East End Kids

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