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Networking Evening forCollege Students

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Students' Networking Evening

Deacon Reidford hosted  the Incorporation of Bakers first Students' Networking Evening on 1st May 2014. It was held in conjunction with the City of Glasgow College in Scholars' training restaurant.  The students prepared the buffet and served the drinks, laid out the room and then joined the rest of the guests to listen intently to the words of wisdom dispensed by the speakers.

30 students from Hospitality, Bakery and Food Preparation attended from the College and Strathclyde University.

David Smith, Head of Food, and Gordon McIntyre, Head of Hospitality agreed the event with the Deacon whose theme for his year is connecting with young people in the Baking and Hospitality industries. 

The event was very well received by the students and the lecturers, below are some of the comments received:

 " The staff at The City of Glasgow College want to thank the Incorporation of Bakers for organising the networking event. The speakers were all very enthusiastic, professional and so keen to pass on their knowledge and experiences".

 "very inspiring, made me believe I could be successful"

 "Great to know that there is an organisation specific to our bakery trade"

 "Scholarships! Great to hear that support is available, when can I apply !"

Deacon Reidford summarised the themes coming from each speaker, and they all felt that the most important advice they could give was:

  • Work hard, your efforts will be noticed.
  • You don't need a string of degrees, it's the person's commitment and dedication that's important.
  • If you don't love what you're doing, get out of the business as it's a hard task-master
  • If you love your job, you'll never need to work another day in your life
  • Remember that you may be the face of your company, that's an important responsibility.

Deacon Reidford was delighted that all the speakers told the students that they are always looking for new employees, and to make an appointment or send in their CV.

The Head of Food, David Smith, thanked Deacon Reidford for setting up such a distinguished group of role models to speak to and advise the students.


Deacon Bruce Reidford:  Bruce, having studied to be a teacher at Glasgow University, then changed his career to become an accountant and started at Tunnock's  in 1998  as financial controller.  Thus began his interest in the baking industry.  He completed an MBA while working at Tunnock's, where he has risen to become Company Secretary. He is involved in many of the Trade bodies and organisations relevant to the baking and food industries.

Professor Maurice Taylor: Maurice started his career as a night porter in the British Transport Hotels, and is now a leading light in the hotel and hospitality industry in Scotland and internationally, having received numerous awards for his contribution to that business. He recently sold his Chardon Hotel Management, which managed around 40 hotels and was one of the largest independent hotel management companies in UK. Not one to stand still, he is currently in the process of buying a few new hotels to add to the 5 Holiday Inns he already owns. He is a visiting professor at Strathclyde University, and has been inducted into their Hall of Distinguished Entrepreneurs. There could be no better role model for student

Mr Stuart Wilson: Stuart is the Company Executive Chef with g1 Group, with many years of experience in the food and hospitality industry.  g1 Group, is one of the largest independent food and beverages purveyors in Scotland, with over 40 restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas and hotels throughout Scotland, including the flagship Corinthian. As Executive Chef, Stuart is charged with overseeing the management and catering in these venues; a considerable responsibility but one that he loves. He is passionate about his work and has now reaped the rewards of his consummate commitment. G1 runs pubs, restaurants, cinemas and nightclubs including venues such as the Corinthian in Glasgow, a raft of well-known pubs and hotels in Edinburgh, and the newly launched Forgan's in St Andrews, which played host earlier this year to Hillary Clinton G1 runs pubs, restaurants, cinemas and nightclubs including venues such as the Corinthian in Glasgow, a raft of well-known pubs and hotels in Edinburgh, and the newly launched Forgan's in St Andrews, which played host earlier this year to Hillary Clinton

Mr Billy McAneney: Billy has had a very chequered career. He started life as a Maths and Chemistry teacher, but in 1980 began a degree in Divinity at Glasgow University.  While studying he worked part-time in Cafe Gandolfi in Albion St.  He now realised that his career lay not in teaching  or preaching,  but the restaurant business.  In 1987 he opened his first restaurant, The Baby Grand, in Elmbank Gardens, and it is still thriving to this day.  He has owned up to 23 bars, restaurants and clubs and is constantly seeking new opportunities. He is looking forward to semi-retirement to concentrate on his charity work in Malawi.

 Mr Djamel Benouari: Djamel studied Finance and Accounts at Algiers University and came to Strathclyde University to study for a Masters in International Marketing in 1981. With a 2-year spell doing national service, he's been involved in restaurants and hospitality since the 80s, starting as a waiter in Dino's in Sauchiehall St. Amongst other roles, he's managed Barca, The Art House restaurant, Oran Mor food and beverages manager.  In 2011, to acclaim, he  refurbished and reopened one of the oldest restaurants in Glasgow, O Sole Mio.  Djamel will give a small business's perspective.

Dr Alistair Goldsmith: Alistair decided early on that his skills lay in hospitality, and he  joined  the renowned Hotel School at Ross Hall in 1970, part of Strathclyde University.  He worked in industry before coming back on a temporary contract at the University for a term, and ended up staying almost 30 years.  He retired in 2009, but has taught most of the hospitality industry's stars. He also taught one very famous alumnus, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand.

Mr Gordon McGhee: As a former student of the College's predecessor, the distinguished College of Food Technology, Gordon strove hard to become Managing Director of McGhee's Bakery, a family bakers since 1935. They have grown to become one of the largest bakeries in Scotland,  have an extensive range of bakery and confectionery products and continue to supply major catering groups, local authorities, independent retailers and cash & carry groups. Gordon is also the President of Scottish Bakers, which consumes not an inconsiderable amount of his time, but such is his passion for ensuring that Scottish baking continues to flourish, it's a commitment that he's willing to make.

Mr Alan Clark: Alan is the Chief Executive Officer ofScottish Bakers, which  is the trading name of the Scottish Association of Master Bakers (SAMB), which was established in 1891 and since  then has represented and promoted the interests of the bakery trade in Scotland.Scottish Bakers aims to provide a range of specialist support services for Bakers of all sizes. It provides a valuable source of advice, information, assistance and skills development for bakers throughout Scotland.   Most importantly, Scottish Bakers belongs to its members: it is there for their benefit.  Its mission  is to be recognised by the Scottish Bakery Trade as a world class Trade Association supporting its members to meet the needs of their customers and to be recognised by everyone as the authoritative voice of the bakery trade in Scotland.

 Recognition of support of CRAFTEX

Bruce Reidford And Boyd Tunnock

In recognition of his many years of contributing to Craftex, Boyd Tunnock CBE was presented with a quaich by the Trades House.   The photograph shows Deacon Bruce Reidford, of his mother craft, presenting the quaich on the House's behalf.