Earl of Wessex Awards

On Thursday 2 May 2013 the Incorporation had the privilege of welcoming HRH The Earl of Wessex Kg KCVO to the Trades House to present the Awards named in his honour. The Earl presented awards to four qualified Coopers, eight Cooper apprentices and two Sea Cadets. This year he presented the first of a new series of awards to ten pupils of Govan High School.


His Royal Highness Edward the Earl of Wessex became an Honorary Member of the Incorporation of Coopers of Glasgow in 2008 and he kindly lent his name to the Earl of Wessex Awards for cooperage. He was keen that any involvement should embrace the traditions of the industry and assist the young people who are entering the trade as Apprentices.

The Awards fall into a number of categories:

  • Presentation of Coopers Tools to those who have been accepted as Apprentices.
  • Presentation of "The Cooper and his Trade" to those who in their 2nd year by the Federation.
  • Presentation of "The History of the Incorporation of Coopers of Glasgow" to those in their 3rd year.
  • Presentation of a Croze to those who have completed their apprenticeships.
  • The Award for innovation and Contribution to the Wine and Spirit Trade.
  • The Scholarship Award presented in recognition of an Apprentice attending a Scottish Whisky. Research Institute Course which looks in detail at the Production of Scotch Whisky - from Raw Materials to Distillation to Maturation - looking particularly at the effects of cask quality, case reuse, storage and the effects of prior use on the final product.

There are the Earl of Wessex Awards for Cooperage.

In addition each year The Incorporation sponsors a UK Scholarship Award in association with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust - the winnder tours a number of Distilleries and Cooperages in Scotland.

The Earl recently agreed to present a new Earl of Wessex Award linked to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which is to be given to younger people.