Application for Membership

             Incorporated 1558 and Reincorporated by Royal Charter 1919


New members, both gentlemen and ladies, are very welcome. There are no age restrictions on membership, and the gift of membership makes a wonderful and enduring commemoration of a christening or a baptism, a special birthday, or an exam success.

 Applicants may apply to join either:

At The Near Hand if they are (a) sons or sons in law of present or late members, (b) daughters or
daughters in law of present or late members, or
At The Far Hand if they have no such previous connection.

There are three stages involved in joining:
1. Burgess Ticket - applicants should have a Burgess Ticket from Glasgow City Council or any of
its predecessors and so be a Burgess and Guild Brother of the City of Glasgow of Craft Rank.
The cost is £20. Members of any of the other
Crafts forming The Trades House will already have a Burgess Ticket and do not need to apply again.

2 Trades House Matriculation - applicants require to matriculate with the Trades House,
which costs £25.

3 Entry Money - the dues of membership for the Craft itself are presently:

Near Hand - if under 18 years of age, £41.00, otherwise £61.00
Far Hand - if under 18 years of age, £51.00, otherwise £101.00

Membership is for life, and  there are no annual subscriptions.

The total amount for each application then is £146 for Far Hand and £106 for Near Hand.

Cheques should be made payable to "The Incorporation of Cordiners".

Download Forms for a Burgess Ticket: At Near Hand or At Far Hand

Download Application form to join the Cordiners: HERE 

The Clerk will be pleased to process all stages on behalf of any applicant. 

Thomas W. Monteith
c/o Monteith Solicitors Limited,   69 Buchanan StreetGlasgow, G1 3HL