The Incorporation of Gardeners has some 750 Members.  Our most distinguished member is His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay.


Applications for membership to the Gardeners are made to the Master Court who meet in October, February, May and August, along with a Burgess Ticket from Glasgow City Council.  Applicants who do not already have a Burgess Ticket can apply for this through the Clerk at the same time as applying for membership.  Application forms for both are available from the Clerk.  Spouses, sons and daughters and sons and daughters-in-law of members join at the Near Hand.  All other applicants join at the Far Hand.

The joining fees are as follows:

Membership fee at Far Hand   £125
Membership fee at Near Hand   £75
Burgess Ticket (Far Hand)    £10
Burgess Ticket (Near Hand)   £5
Trades House Matriculation Fee   £4

A Horticultural Contribution of £20 will be payable annually the year following completed membership.

Prizewinners and Scholarship recipients

Students of horticulture who receive Prizes or Scholarships supported by the Craft are entitled to join for the sum of £20, and payment of the annual Horticultural Contribution of £20 from 1st June following approval of membership by the Master Court.

Horticultural contributions are collected on 1st June each year, normally by Standing Order.

Membership is completed by the new member taking the Solemn Oath at the Admission Ceremony held each year in conjunction with the Box Opening Dinner. In 2012, it is on Friday 7th September.