Statement of Objectives

The affairs of the Craft are managed and administered by a governing body known as the Master Court. The members of the Master Court are elected each year at the Choosing Meeting of the Incorporation held in September. The Master Court act under the Rules and Regulations of the Incorporation of 1904 as amended which provide as follows:

"According to usage, and in terms of the Letter of Guildry, dated 6th February, 1605, the funds of the Incorporation shall be exclusively appropriated, after defraying expenses of management, and of defending its rights and interests, to charitable, benevolent, and any other good and pious uses, which may tend to the advancement of the common weal of the Burgh, but primarily to the support of indigent members, widows, and unmarried daughters of members, and orphans of members under 15 years of age, with power in extreme cases to make allowance to children even above 15 years of age; but all grants and allowances shall be at the discretion and during the pleasure of the Master Court."

The objects of the Incorporation therefore are principally the provision of support to members, their widows and dependants and the advance of appropriate charitable causes and the good of the community of Glasgow.