Application Information

New members are very welcome. Applicants may apply to join either:

At the Near Hand if they are the spouse, son, daughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law of present or late members,


At the Far Hand if they have no such previous connection.

There are three stages to joining the Craft:

1. Burgess Certificate

Applicants should have a Burgess Certificate from Glasgow City Council or any of its predecessors and so be a Burgess and Guild Brother or Sister of the City of Glasgow of Craft Rank. The Cost is £20 for both Near Hand  and Far Hand applications. Members of any other Crafts forming The Trades House will already have a Burgess Certificate and need not apply again.

2. Trades House Matriculation

Applicants require to Matriculate with the Trades House, which costs £25.00

3. Entry Money

All applicants require to pay a one-off Membership Fee to the Craft.  The Membership Fees are shown in the attached table.

Anyone who is interested in joining the Craft should download the attached forms and send them to the Clerk:

Thomas W. Monteith
Incorporation of Wrights in Glasgow
45 Gordon Street
Glasgow  G1 3PE
0141 221 8888