About Us

The Trades House of Glasgow was created at the time of reform of Glasgow's local government in 1605. At that time the electorate was basically divided into two groups, the Merchants and the Craftsmen. The Craft Incorporations or Guilds comprised the trades Rank of Burgesses under the leadership of the Deacon Convener, who was given a council. This included the Craft leaders and is the body we now recognise as The Trades House.

Today The Trades House still meets in the Trades Hall in Glassford Street, which, apart from the mediaeval cathedral, is the oldest building in Glasgow still used for its original purpose.

Guilds and Craft Incorporations are the Scottish equivalent of the craft guilds or livery companies, which developed in most of the great cities of Europe in the Middle Ages. Over the years many of the House's political and legal duties have been transferred to other bodies, but the charitable functions and concern for the future of Glasgow very much remain.

The assistance of the needy, the encouragement of youth and support for education, particularly the Schools and the Further Education Colleges indeveloping craft standards, are now its chief objects.

On the 6th of February 2005 the 8,000 members of the Trades House and the 14 Incorporated Trades celebrated their 400th year of service in Glasgow, which was shared with the Merchants House and the City Council who have the same anniversary.

The Trades House of Glasgow is a registered charity, SC040548.