The Association of Deacons

The Association of Deacons was instituted in 1857 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1910:

  1. to bring together former office holders of the 14 Incorporations
  2. to encourage membership of the Crafts
  3. to create a deeper interest among Glaswegians in the work of these Crafts and of the other public, educational, charitable and benevolent institutions of the city
  4. to assist members, their widows and families when in old age, poverty, sickness and distress.

The Association annually elects a President and Treasurer along with sixteen Directors called the Court of Directors to manage its affairs.  The Association's year ends on 30 June with its Annual General Meeting held in September.  The social event of the years is the Cocktail Party hosted by the President, Treasurer and Court of Directors and attended by the Deaon Convener of the Trades, the Collector of the Trades House, the Clerk to the House, the Deacons, Visitor and the Master Courts of the Fourteen Incorporations and their guests: it is an excellent opportunity for people not hitherto connected with the Trades House to meet the "Chain Gang" and learn about Craft guildry in Glasgow and members are warmly encouraged to bring family and friends as guests.