The Commonweal Fund

The Trades House of Glasgow Commonweal Fund is available to charities and organisations within the city of Glasgow and surrounding areas. The committee is made up of 14 individuals including Trustees of the Trades House of Glasgow. Meetings of the Commonweal Fund committee take place in March and September each year. Awards are made to successful organisations at a presentation evening within The Trades Hall of Glasgow.

Next meeting: Wednesday 6 September 2017             Closing date for entries: Friday 30 June 2017

Complete the application form using the link below and submit by e-mail or post along with the necessary information.

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A little bit of history

In terms of the Deed of Trust the revenue in the Commonweal Fund is to be used for any good and pious use which may tend to the advancement of the "commonweal" of the Burgh. "Good and pious use" is to be interpreted in the widest sense having in view the custom and practice of the House since 1605.

For two hundred years the Trades House of Glasgow regularly contributed, without any obligation to do so, for the benefit of the general poor of the City and during times of distress for food for the inhabitants. It made grants to the various war funds, local and national during the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. For building schemes and for special and even ordinary purposes it also made grants to the University, to public charitable and educational institutions in the City, including all the Infirmaries and Hospitals and to local schemes for social improvement.

The Committee has a free hand to make grants to all schemes for social improvement. Child welfare; social and moral training of youth; charitable and educational schemes, and schemes for the advancement of education or for scientific study or research.

All charitable and educational institutions may therefore be assisted as well as charitable societies which assist the poor in general, as apart from their members and members' families only, but not those institutions which have been nationalised under the Health Services Act.

The Commonweal Fund
For more information, contact Katrina on 0141 553 1605

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