Manager's Report

Annual Report to the Trades House of Glasgow by the Manager of the Drapers' Fund

It has been a great privilege to have served as Manager of the Drapers' Fund during the past year, and I am grateful to our Late Deacon Convener Keith Brown for having the confidence in me to allow my appointment.

It is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding positions to hold within the House .  Since the fund was established by James Inglis in 1918, it has given the Manager the ability to directly help children in the Glasgow area, where poverty has resulted in a great and urgent need.

I have been very ably assisted by my two committee members, Ex-Deacon Laura Lambie and Ex-Deacon Stewart Hamilton, and I am confident that the future management of the Drapers' Fund is in good hands.

My thanks must also be extended to our Clerk John Gilchrist for his excellent advice, along with committee clerk Katrina Tilston and her office colleagues who have provided a constant support throughout the year.

During the year, the committee undertook a review of the 'public face' of the Drapers' Fund, looking to update and modernise the online application form and website pages.   This is now ready for implementation.

The year has also seen a great improvement in the quality of applications to the fund, and this has to an extent been borne out by the increase in grants made, and an ease of decision-making by the committee.   Consequently, this has allowed a quicker turn round in making funds available to needy applicants.   

Where appropriate, the committee has been supplying some feedback to unsuccessful social workers where a request has been refused.  I am certain that our social services are now much more aware that a properly completed application giving all required details, is much more likely to result in an early award being made.

In the year ending October 2017 , I received  254 applications, requesting £103,000., at an average value of £406.     Of these, 233 grants were sanctioned with a total value of £80,000, giving an average value of £345.   

The average value of grants made is less than the average value of applications, as a number of requests were met in part.

Our Clerk has been actively examining the KPIs which are within the remit of the Charities Committee.  One of these, which is monitored by OSCR,  is the value of grants awarded as a percentage of our funds.   

Although the Drapers' Fund is not currently at risk of criticism, I have asked our Clerk if he could examine the Drapers' rules to see if there is any way in which the Fund can be more proactive in grant-giving, rather than being simply reactive, by responding to requests received.  Although not a current priority, I await his findings, with interest.

It is encouraging  to now hand over to Ex-Deacon Laura Lambie, whom I am certain will prove to be an excellent Manager of the Fund.

Ex-Deacon Gordon Price

Drapers' Fund Manager   2016/17

Any contributions to The Drapers' Fund would be gratefully received. Please contact the Trades House office or via