Summer Art Sale - 7 June to 27 June 2021

Thank you for visiting our charity Summer Art Sale gallery and I hope you will enjoy the excellent exhibits and be tempted to buy something. All proceeds will go to our chosen charities, Cerebral Palsy Scotland and MS Society Lanarkshire. Both charities have seen an increase in requirements for additional mental health support and respite care as a result of Covid 19. Our talented amateur and professional artists have very kindly donated their work so all proceeds will be free of deduction for commission or expenses.

My sincere thanks go to all of our artists for their enthusiasm and generosity.

Details on how to reserve and pay for your selections can be found following the final exhibit in our online gallery.

Ken Dalgleish

Deacon Convener

Trades House of Glasgow

1. Amelia Coutts 'Healthy Eating' oil set of 3  20cms x 20cms £45.00 Unframed
7. Joe Munro 'St Mary's' Lighthouse, Blyth, Northumberland photograph 40cms x 30cms £45.00 Mounted
10. Taylor 'Umbrella over a bridge' mixed media 33cms x 33cms £105.00 Framed
12. Ellys Nathaniel 'Evening Sunset' acrylic 37cms x 32cms £95.00 Framed
14. Kathleen Broughton 'Shoreline' mixed media 41cms x 30cms £55.00 Framed
15. Sir Michael Bond 'Snow scene, Kirkintilloch' acrylic 45cms x 45cms £55.00 Unframed
16. David Lacey 'Cloch Lighthouse' acrylic 32cms x 30cms £45.00 Unframed
17. Gwyneth Bell 'Tulips' photograph 26cms x 26cms £35.00 Framed
22. William Birse-Stewart 'Zebra Crossing' Photograph on canvas 51cms x 40 cms £45.00 Unframed
24. Joe Munro 'Durness Beach' photograph 40cms x 30cms £45.00 Mounted
25. Ian Baker 'Christmas Decorations Dieppe (1999)' oil 52cms x 43cms £95.00 Framed
29. Anonymous 'Una Casita de Campo' acrylic 32cms x 26cms £95.00 Framed
30. Anonymous 'Spanish Village' oil 30cms x 23cms £55.00 Unframed
31. Lynda McFie 'Windmills' acrylic 43cms x 33cms £145.00 Framed
32. Briony Kelly 'Old blue door' acrylic 40cms x 30cms £55.00 Unframed
SOLD: 34. Sir Michael Bond 'Still Life' oil 36cms x 25cms £55.00 Unframed
35. Ian Baker 'Red roofs 1996' watercolour 41cms x 31cms £55.00 Mounted
36. Ethna Kerr 'Blue bottles' mixed media 42cms x 29.5cms £35.00 Framed
39. David Lacey 'Disaronno' acrylic 30.5cms x 25.5cms £55.00 Unframed
44. Alison Milligan 'Winter Patrol' oil 55.5cms x 45.5cms £95.00 Unframed
45. Craig Colahan 'The Cross' oil 60cms x 50cms £135.00 Unframed
RESERVED: 47. Helen McGill 'Praying Hands' and NHS Prayer 47.5cms x 37.5cms and 38cms x 29cms mixed £125.00 Framed
52. Alan Forbes 'Pollok House in Winter' Photograph 2 copies are available at £45.00 each 40cms x 30cms Mounted
56. David Gaffney 'Spring' watercolour 44cms x 34cms £75.00 Framed
57. Patricia Gibson 'Summer Planter' acrylic 56cms x 45cms £125.00 Framed
59. Adam Marikar 'Mosques of the United Kingdom' crayon 43cms x 33cms £95.00 Framed
61. Ann McElhinney 'Spring Tulip' oil 25.5cms x 35cms £85.00 Framed
62. Alan Forbes 'Grey Heron of the White Cart Water' photograph 30cms x 21cms two copies are available at £45.00 each Mounted
64. Rose Carmona 'Interpretation' acrylic 32cms x 23cms £20.00 Framed
67. David Gaffney 'Recycling Reel' oil 48cms x 48cms £150.00 Framed
69. Sir Michael Bond 'Mangesterna, near Lewis' acrylic 50.5cms x 36cms £55.00 Unframed
70. Irene Odabasi 'The Cat' charcoal 42.5cms x 32.5cms £65.00 Framed
71. Bill Peebles 'Sunrise at Hutchison Island, Florida' photograph 36.5cms x 31.5cms £40.00 Framed
74. Aileen McBain 'Dancing Crane' watercolour 53cms x 43cms £95.00 Framed
75. Catriona Finlay 'Concentration' oil 40cms x 30cms £105.00 Unframed
76. Gwyneth Bell 'Lilac in the fields' photograph 35.5cms x 35.5cms £35.00 Framed
77. Adam Marikar 'Open Top' crayon 42.5cms x 32.5cms £75.00 Framed
78. Alan Forbes 'Playing ping pong with the moon' photograph 30cms x 21cms two copies are available at £35.00 each Mounted
79. Sir Michael Bond 'Fishing Lodge, East Lewis' acrylic 56cms x 45cms £95.00 Unframed
80. Ian Baker 'Gin Palace, Clapham' oil 30cms x 27cms £55.00 Unframed
82. David Lacey 'Jardin d'Aubin' mixed media 42cms x 29.5cms £35.00 Unframed
83. Alan Forbes 'Wester Ross Sunset' photograph 40cms x 30cms two copies are available at £30.00 each Mounted
84. Bunny Campbell 'Garden Fantasy' watercolour 40cms x 35cms £100.00 Mounted
85. Katie McGhee 'Sping is here' oil 38cms x 33cms £75.00 Framed
86. Ian Baker 'Gatehouse Butley Priory, Suffolk 2001' gouache 57cms x 41cms £55.00 Mounted
87. Merel Flinck 'Rainfall' acrylic 40.5cms x 40.5cms £55.00 Unframed
88. Bill Peebles 'Hutchison Island, Florida' photograph 36.5cms x 31cms £40.00 Framed
90. Reginald Norfolk 'Fingle Bridge, Dartmoor' oil 51cms x 45cms £120.00 Framed
93. Bunny Campbell 'Homeward Lane' watercolour 46cms x 30cms £100.00 Mounted
94. Reginald Norfolk 'Packhorse route, Hebden Bridge' oil 51cms x 45cms £125.00 Framed
96. Ian Baker 'The Baptistry, Padua' oil 51cms x 43cms £75.00 Framed
97. Sir Michael Bond 'Baldernoch' acrylic 45cms x 31.5cms £75.00 Unframed
98. Catriona Finlay 'Mountain Shore' oil 40cms x 30cms £55.00 Unframed
100. Ian Baker 'The Church in the trees 1996' gouache 48cms x 41cms £45.00 Mounted
101. Sir Michael Bond 'Secrets in a niche' acrylic 68.5cms x 37.5cms £95.00 Framed
102. Ian Baker 'Dredger, Dieppe' oil 46cms x 36cms £75.00 Framed
104. Duchal Nursery 'Raspberry Ripple' mixed media 80cms x 60cms £75.00 Unframed

Key: Sold Reserved

The following digital images have been donated by Chris Wales, and are available as downloads at £20 each for you to print on your own canvas. Size: Print @ A3, bleed/trim/frame to A4 (extra background included in piece to allow for trimming & matte framing)

  • Wren and rose

  • Wintum Walk







How to buy

To reserve your selected artwork please email with the following information:

  • Item number from the gallery that you wish to reserve
  • Title of artwork you wish to reserve

Your artwork will be reserved for a maximum of seven days, pending payment.

To pay for your artwork

Online payment should be made to the Trades House of Glasgow, Bank of Scotland, SC 80-11-80 Account 10293962.

Please quote as the reference the title of artwork and the item number from the gallery you have reserved.

If you wish you can also add a donation to your payment which will go to the DC Appeal. Please confirm your payment/donation and that you are eligible for Gift Aid to


You can also make a donation which will go to the DC Appeal. Get in touch with


All prices include delivery to UK mainland. For orders outside the UK mainland, please email for shipping costs.

Please allow approximately three weeks from the exhibition closing date for delivery. (Subject to COVID restrictions).


As all pieces of artwork have been provided kindly as charitable donations, unfortunately we cannot accept general returns. Issues relating to damages, errors in processing, transportation etc. will be handled on an individual basis.


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