The Trades House of Glasgow

The Trades House of Glasgow was established in 1605 and is now a registered charity (SCO 40548)

Trades House and its 14 Incorporated Crafts have helped shape Glasgow into the city it is today and has made its mark by playing a pivotal and progressive role in training and fostering trade and industry through a wide variety of initiatives.

Benevolence has also been at its very foundation. Now a registered charity widely viewed as a centre of excellence in the administration of trusts and legacies, the House manages funds in excess of £18 million and donations of more than £750,000 are awarded each year by the Trades House and 14 Incorporations to deserving causes and individuals across the city of Glasgow. Considerable resources are also devoted to general assistance for vulnerable people in our society.

Trades House is based within the Trades Hall in Glasgow's Merchant City.

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Education and Craft Skills
Assisting schools, colleges and further education through various competitions including School Craft and School Citizenship, Modern Apprentice Awards as well as a four day Craftex exhibition at Trades Hall.

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Annual Projects
Each year, the Deacon Convener in office nominates a charity or project to benefit from fundraisers promoted by the House; with a main event being held in May. In 2016, funds will be raised for the new Kinship Care Initiative.

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Financial Assistance
Helping the needy in and around the City of Glasgow via The Drapers Fund and The Commonweal Fund as well as visiting, providing assistance directly and arranging social events for beneficiaries throughout the year.


The history of the Trades House spans over 4 centuries and can be found on the walls and throughout the Trades Hall of Glasgow in Glassford Street, which, apart from the mediaeval cathedral, is the oldest building in Glasgow still used for its original purpose. Visit the virtual museum for more details.