A special break for Kinship Care Kids

A Special Break for Kinship Care Kids

A group of 20 children currently in kinship care enjoyed an overnight stay at Wiston Lodge in Lanark at the beginning of August.  The trip was organised by 'Geeza Break', a voluntary organisation that provides support and flexible respite support to families predominately in the north east area of Glasgow, experiencing addiction, stress, crisis or isolation.

Doreen Paterson, CEO of Geeza Break, said; "This was a great experience for all the children that went to Wiston Lodge - they enjoyed being able to be with their friends in a safe environment, free from any worries or concerns they experience in their everyday lives."

Doreen continued; "We are very grateful to the financial support given by The Trades House of Glasgow, which enables us to supply these sorts of experiences through our Kinship Care Project (in partnership with 'Family Addiction Support Service').

Glasgow has the highest rate of kinship arrangements in Scotland with over 2,000 children and young people in Kinship placements, with 1,100 Kinship Carers.

The Trades House of Glasgow established a Kinship Care Initiative (KCI) Fund in 2015 to give opportunities to children being supported by their extended family, enabling them to reach their full potential and become active citizens in Glasgow. 

Dr Alistair Dorward, Chairman of the KCI Awards Committee, said; "Children in Kinship Care often experience a chaotic upbringing throughout their formative years. Through no fault of their own they can become amongst the most vulnerable children in society."   

Dr Dorward continued; "Geeza Break and its Kinship Care Project allows children to flourish and improve their self-esteem.  We are delighted to be able to help support to this initiative which make such a positive impact to people's lives."


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