Good Causes to Share in £47,000 Grants

Commonweal Group Shot_March2016

More than 30 good causes across Greater Glasgow and surrounding areas have benefited from grants totalling £47,642 from the Trades House of Glasgow Commonweal Fund, in one of two rounds of funding it awards each year.

Nine of the 35 recipients are the result of a unique funding partnership with the STV Trust.

The recipients gathered at an awards ceremony in the Trades Hall, home to the Trades House and its 14 Incorporated Crafts, where they were awarded sums between £200 and £6,000.

Just one of many charitable trusts operated by the Trades House, the centuries-old Commonweal Fund supports the community with grants for social improvement, including training for young people, charitable initiatives, educational schemes and child welfare. More than £100,000 has already been awarded in the last year alone to a wide range of charities and organisations.

"Our Commonweal Fund is managed by a committee of volunteers, who carefully consider the hundreds of applications we receive, before making their recommendations on who should benefit from the biannual awards," said Ruth Maltman, Deacon Convener of the Trades of Glasgow. "With so many well deserving good causes, this always proves a great, but rewarding, challenge.

"As the Commonweal Fund's objectives are well aligned with the STV Trust's support for children in poverty in Scotland, we widened our giving by agreeing to donate £50,000 to its Children's Appeal last year. These funds have been ring fenced for projects proposed by us that address child poverty in Greater Glasgow, which are then supported by additional funding from the STV Trust. This means more funding and, in many cases, equates to double the amount we are able to award jointly to those who approach us, which is great news for such valuable causes. In this round of awards, the nine projects directly benefiting from the STV Trust input amounts to £11,156."

The diverse range of organisations awarded funds this month include Contact the Elderly Glasgow, Milton Arts Project, Ocean Youth Trust Scotland, Noble Arts Amateur Boxing Club, Reidvale Adventure Playground, Street Connect, Parkhead Community Garden, Pathfinder Dogs and the Scottish Emergency Rider Volunteer Service.

Application forms will be available online soon at: for the second round of Commonweal Fund grants to be awarded this September. Closing date for applications is Friday 29 July 2016


A little bit of history 
The Commonweal Fund- according to its Deed of Trust, the Commonweal Fund is to support "any good and pious use, which may tend to the advancement of the commonweal of the Burgh. Good and pious use should be interpreted in the widest sense, having in view the custom and practice of the House since 1605."

For more than 200 years, the Trades House of Glasgow has regularly contributed, without any obligation, to the benefit of the City's poor, as well as during times of distress, such as those in need of food. It made grants to various war funds, both local and national, during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. For building schemes, special and even ordinary purposes, it also made grants to the University of Glasgow, to public, charitable and educational institutions, including all the City's infirmaries and hospitals, and local schemes for social improvement.

The Commonweal Fund committee has a free hand to make grants for social improvement of child welfare, social and moral youth training, charitable and educational schemes, and initiatives for the advancement of education, scientific study or research.

All charitable and educational organisations, which assist the poor in general, can be offered support, with the exception of those nationalised under the National Health Services Act.

For information on other Trades House trust funds, visit our funding section.