Major restoration of Stained Glass Windows

2014 has seen a lot of work ongoing in the Trades Hall, part of this being the restoration of the Stained Glass Windows in the Saloon and the main stairway by specialist stained glass artist Bryan Hutchison.

The work on all four windows was carried out over a 20 week period which came to an end in August 2014. We hope that you will get a chance to visit us soon and see the the transformation in person.

Here are some before, during and after images of the restoration.

Saloon Windows - BEFORE

StainedGlass1 StainedGlass2



Saloon Windows - PROGRESS

 StainedGlass4 StainedGlass6

StainedGlass5 Saloon WINDOWS_DURING_2_IMG_0094

Saloon Windows - AFTER

StainedGlassNEW1 StainedGlassNEW2



Main Staircase Window - BEFORE

Main Window _Before _P1610409 BEFORE_Aspect Photography _Photo5

Main Staircase Win
dow - DURING

MainWindow_DURING_IMG_0132 Main Window _During _IMG_0202

Main Window _DURNG_IMG_0220 Main Window _DURNG_IMG_1396

Main Staircase Window - AFTER

After _main Window6 After _main Window4

After _main Window5 After _main Window