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Drapers' Fund

The Trades House of Glasgow Drapers' Fund supports children, aged up to and including 17 years of age and their carers in the wider Glasgow area where there is great and urgent need.

Grants to the adopter of a child (or to the guardian of an orphaned adopted child) may be awarded in case where hardship is shown.


Who is eligible?

UK residents, people with the right to remain in the UK or Asylum seekers with Home Office approval.

Please note that the Trades House of Glasgow Drapers' Fund is unable to help with the following: rent; rent arrears; council tax;council tax arrears; funeral costs; household bills; holidays; items,/support and personal effects which Councils are legally required to provide including shelter and accommodation, cosmetic repairs and improvements, items and treatments which the state provides and support for people who are still drug and/or alcohol dependent.


How to apply?

Applications must be made by a nationally recognised caring or support work organisation, such as a social work department who must supervise the spend according to the terms of the award given.



Applications to the Drapers' Fund must be made using the application form. Please use the link below to download the application form and return by email or post.

Please ensure the form is fully completed, paying particular attention to the Circumstances and Request Details sections. Application forms with insufficient information in these sections will not be considered and will be returned.

Apply now

Please note: Two signatures are required before the application form can be submitted. Forms that are not signed, either manually or electronically, will not be submitted for consideration and will be returned. We cannot accept a typed name where the signature is asked for.

The applicant’s full address must be stated on the form. Please click here to check the list of Supported Postcodes.


What happens after making an application?

Your application will be submitted to the Drapers' Fund Committee who will reach a decision about granting funds or declining the request. The Committee meet every 6-8 weeks.

The meeting dates for 2023/2024 and the relevant closing dates for applications are as follows:


Meeting Date Closing Date
Tuesday 23rd July Monday 15th July
Tuesday 27th Aug Monday 19th Aug
Tuesday 24th Sept Monday 16th Sept


Please note if an award is successful, grants will not be made payable to individuals as this is a supervised spend award.

Any applications received after the closing dates will not be submitted and will be held over until the next available meeting

For more information, email Katrina or call 0141 553 1605.


A little bit of history

In 1918 Mr James Inglis, draper of Argyle Street, Glasgow, established the Drapers' Fund to be held by the Trades House of Glasgow in trust for charitable purposes in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Mr Inglis added to the capital of the fund on various occasions, the last being in October 1928.At the end of the Great War in 1918 and the years immediately following, there was a clear need to help the City's impoverished. At the present time the same need exists albeit for different reasons. For example, families are suffering from the effects of the misuse of drugs. In consequence there have been a considerable number of cases where monies have been given to provide essential clothing including shoes for children in the care of grandparents or other relatives.In considering appeals the Manager is assisted by a committee of three, supported by the administration of Trades House. The Committee meets regularly to avoid long waiting periods before applicants are advised of the result of their appeal. The total amount available for distribution on a yearly basis is now circa £80,000.00.

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