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The Fleshers became an incorporation in 1580 to regulate the affairs of those who provided meat for the growing population of Glasgow.

There were "provisions for the inspection of meat, the punishment of malpractices in connection with the selling of same "market dues of unfreemen bringing their beasts to town and provisions against the throwing out of bags, paunches and tripes upon the High Street"plus numerous other rules. Times have changed and control of the meat market was passed over to the City Council many years ago. The trading monopoly of the Fleshers, along with those of all the Scottish Incorporations, was abolished in 1846.

The Craft has preserved its strong links with the meat industry and continues its charitable work for those connected with it. It has a substantial fund for the benefit of needy pensioners and a successful fund raising '400 Club' founded to celebrate the Craft's 400th anniversary in 1980. There is an active service group who organise theatre outings for pensioners.

Like most of the Glasgow Crafts, it elects 4 members annually to the Trades House.


Master Court

Deacon: Gavin Queen

Collector: Graeme Lyall

Late Deacon: Col Hugo Grant

Late Collector: John Kerr


  • Ex Deacon Dr Hosney M Yosef
  • Ex Deacon John Stewart
  • Ex Deacon Allan C C Lapsley
  • Ex Convener Ruth Maltman
  • Ex Deacon Iris Gibson
  • Ex Deacon Isobel d'Inverno
  • Ex Deacon Bill Gallacher
  • Ex Deacon Col Stephanie Jackman MBE TD
  • John Richards
  • Sheila Scott

Clerk: Thomas W Monteith

c/o Monteith Solicitors Limited
69 Buchanan Street
G1 3HL




To apply to become a member of the Incorporation of Fleshers please contact the clerk, who will supply you with the relevant application forms.


Choosing Dinner

The Deacon's Choosing Dinner and Dance will take place on Saturday 13th March 2021.

Tickets are £68.00

Tickets are reduced to £45.00 to those who are under 25 or £50.00 to those aged over 70 at the time of the Dinner.

Tickets available from Tom Monteith:

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