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The Incorporation of Gardeners of Glasgow with its motto: "Gardening the First of Arts", is one of the fourteen Craft Guilds which together form the Trades House of Glasgow.

About the year 1605, on an application from a number of "practical gardeners", the Craft obtained a charter from the Burgh of Glasgow, conferring the usual rights and privileges. Unfortunately, this charter was lost in 1646 when the Deacon was infected with the plague at that time raging in the Town, and sent to the "Foull Moor" to be cured.

By a new Seal of Cause dated 1690 the exclusive trading privileges within the burgh were reconfirmed, and these were enjoyed down to the passing of the Act in 1846 for the abolition of exclusive privileges of trading in burghs in Scotland. Thereafter the objects of the Incorporation assumed an entirely benevolent character and membership is not now restricted.

The care of its pensioners, providing annual prizes and travelling scholarships for gardening apprentices and students of horticulture are at the forefront of the Craft's work today. The Gardeners also gives charitable support to a number of other causes with a horticultural connection.

Some years ago the Gardeners introduced the "Let Glasgow Flourish" award scheme under which Certificates of Excellence at three different levels are presented to those commercial, industrial or institutional organisations within the City which create and maintain an arboreal or floral display of high standard for the benefit of public. The awards are available for projects from simple window-box displays to impressive and ambitious gardens and are keenly sought after. The Craft was also instrumental in helping to initiate support for the Trades House Expedition to Papua New Guinea in 1987 and the botanical exhibition which followed it in 1988. This project led by a team from Glasgow University brought back a number of unique botanical specimens. To mark the Millennium, The Millennium Garden, instigated and funded by the Incorporation was created in co-operation with the University of Strathclyde and is situated at the university's campus at Rottenrow.

Among its many members continuing to profess an interest in gardening is HM King Charles III who is an Honorary Master of the Incorporation.

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Charity number: SC004606


Master Court

Deacon Janet Pierotti


Late Deacon Paul Carnan


Late Collector Stephen Docherty


Ex Deacon: 


Lorne H M Scott


Commander Nicholas T Parry


Honorary Life Masters:


Ex Deacon John B Park


Ex Convener J Michael Low


Auld Deacon:


John C J Jackson



Frances G L Scott

Andrew W O Dickson

Fraser Wallace



Fiona Baxter



Clerk: David Syme

Incorporation of Gardeners of Glasgow

Hamilton House

70 Hamilton Drive

Glasgow  G12 8DR

Phone: 0141 581 2416



The Incorporation of Gardeners has some 750 Members. Our most distinguished member is His Majesty King Charles III

Applications for membership to the Gardeners are made to the Master Court who meet in October, February, May and August, along with a Burgess Ticket from Glasgow City Council. Applicants who do not already have a Burgess Ticket can apply for this through the Clerk at the same time as applying for membership. Application forms for both are available from the Clerk. Spouses, sons and daughters and sons and daughters-in-law of members join at the Near Hand. All other applicants join at the Far Hand.

The joining fees are as follows:

  • Membership fee at Far Hand £125
  • Membership fee at Near Hand £75
  • Burgess Ticket £30
  • Trades House Matriculation Fee £25
  • A Horticultural Contribution of £40 will be payable annually the year following completed membership.

Prizewinners and Scholarship recipients

Students of horticulture who receive Prizes or Scholarships supported by the Craft are entitled to join for the sum of £20, and payment of the annual Horticultural Contribution of £20 from 1st June following approval of membership by the Master Court.

Horticultural contributions are collected on 1st June each year, normally by Standing Order.

Membership is completed by the new member taking the Solemn Oath at the Admission Ceremony held each year in conjunction with the Box Opening Dinner.



Let Glasgow Flourish Awards

This annual event, one of the highlights of the Gardeners' Calendar, encourages businesses around the City to add colour to their surroundings - be it through the use of window boxes, garden areas, containers or hanging baskets.

Judging takes place each August and the winners receive their awards at the prestigious awards ceremony in the historic Trades House the following spring.

Glasgow's renowned parks and open spaces are mirrored by many businesses throughout the City including restaurants, outdoor cafés, bars and business premises with floral displays around their properties.

Many previous winners receive awards year on year as they continue to build on and improve their displays.

The Incorporation of Gardeners supports numerous gardening initiatives throughout Glasgow including allotments, horticultural apprentices and gardening lecture programmes.