Glasgow Modern Apprentice Awards

The apprenticeship system was first established and maintained in the City in medieval times by the 14 historic Craft Guilds, which united to form the Trades House of Glasgow in 1605. The goal then was to ensure high quality workmanship and customer service.

The Trades House of Glasgow Modern Apprentice Award has been running since 2006. It aims to encourage those embarking on Modern Apprenticeships to become proficient in their chosen vocation. The competition is open to those working towards a Scottish Modern Apprenticeship or who have been certificated no earlier than 1st May 2016, employed by any employer in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

The 2018 winner was chosen from one of six finalists and presented with an inscribed trophy, which will remain on display in the Trades Hall, home to the Trades House of Glasgow. They also received an inscribed replica of the trophy and a cash prize of £1,000 for study. A second prize of £500 and a third of £250 will also be awarded. Each finalist will receive a certificate of commendation.

Winners and runners up in recent years have included a wide range of professions: painter and decorator, electrical engineer, joiner, hotel night manager, chef and a mechanical engineer. Apprentices in professions like pharmacy and administration have also featured among award winners.

A judging panel assesses the candidates against criteria - capability, commitment, community engagement, overcoming difficulties, and the overall quality of the application.

A video is produced to showcase the work of the finalists. It also plays an important part in the judging process.

For further information, please email Jackie Mullen or phone her on 0141 553 1605.

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