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Friends of Trades House

This is FREE to join, welcoming and introducing people to Trades House. Benefit from professional mentoring opportunities; meet like-minded people with a huge range of career and life experiences; help achieve you own personal goals such as charity work; build links with a friendly group with access to different networks, professions and trades in Glasgow; enjoy social events at Trades Hall.

Contact us to find out more about becoming a Friend of Trades House.

Join a Craft

Each Craft is its own independent charity. To help achieve the aims of the Crafts it is important for them to obtain new members and applicants are warmly welcomed. By joining a Craft you will be directly supporting apprentices, tradespeople and those in need of financial support from the Craft to make their life better. In addition to becoming a member of your chosen Craft, you automatically become a Burgess of the City of Glasgow and obtain invitations to various events and dinners.

You do not have to be a tradesperson to join a craft; all that is asked is that you wish to support those in the trades.

You can find out further information on each of the 14 Incorporated Crafts as well as information on how to join each.

Take a tour

Learn more about this fascinating, historic building – the second oldest in Glasgow still being used for its original purpose (the medieval Glasgow Cathedral being the oldest!). Free tours of Trades Hall can also be organised for individuals and groups interested in being guided through its history and learning about the impact it has had on the City and its people. Please contact us to arrange a tour.