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Hammermen win the Trades House Curling Trophy.

On Monday the 24th of February 2020, the Skinners and Glovers faced the Hammermen in the final of the Trades House

knock-out curling competition, and Andy Callander’s Hammermen’s team of Scott Gibson, Murray Cruickshanks and Chris Evans managed to beat the Skinners, overcoming Skip Jamie Mason, David Bird, Alister Bird and Lisa Mason by 5 shots to 4, with the Hammermen only winning with their last shot at the last end.

The game was indeed a close run thing, as the Hammermen only won two ends against the Skinners 4, but the difference was that the Hammers took a 3 and a 2, whilst the Skinners were taking singles. The 7th end was a well played blank allowing Andy’s team the single shot win.

(L-R: Scott Gibson, Andy Callander, Helen Burton, Murray Cruickshanks, Chris Evans )

'Mr Tennent's' becomes Freeman of the City and a Maltman

Mr Donald Smith (92) is known as 'Mr Tennent's' having worked at their Wellpark brewery since the age of 13, when he used to clean

out the giant beer barrels by hand. By the time Donald retired almost 50 years later, this 'temporary job' had lasted considerably longer than usual and Donald had risen to the rank of Distribution Director! Not only that, he tells the story that he was conceived at Wellpark and lived there as a boy, his father employed to look after the horses that used to deliver the barrels of Tennent's.

Donald was awarded his Burgess ticket and membership of the Maltmen recently, attending a lunch and surprise presentation of the awards which rendered him 'unusually speechless'!

Trades House Robert Burns Competition 2020

The Trades House Robert Burns Competition 2020 was held on the 24 February 2020, with 18 performances being given

by those who won 1st and 2nd place awards at the Robert Burns Festival in January. The skill and enthusiasm shown by the youngsters was quite outstanding.

The Festival in January was the biggest yet, with over 200 young people taking part.

Body & Sole campaign continues

The Cordiners recently handed over a cheque at St Bernard's Primary School for £8,000 to Glasgow City Council's Schools and Learning Department: their second sports footwear donation in the current session.

Hundreds of wellies have been given to various schools as a result. Their children wear them for outdoor activities in wet weather, and also allows them to complete the “daily mile”, a physical activity programme introduced a few years ago in efforts to combat childhood obesity.

Some of the 38,000 most disadvantaged children in Glasgow only have one pair of shoes, and wet or muddy conditions has often prevented them from participating in outdoor activities.

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