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Body & Sole campaign continues

The Cordiners recently handed over a cheque at St Bernard's Primary School for £8,000 to Glasgow City Council's Schools and Learning Department: their second sports footwear donation in the current session.

Hundreds of wellies have been given to various schools as a result. Their children wear them for outdoor activities in wet weather, and also allows them to complete the “daily mile”, a physical activity programme introduced a few years ago in efforts to combat childhood obesity.

Some of the 38,000 most disadvantaged children in Glasgow only have one pair of shoes, and wet or muddy conditions has often prevented them from participating in outdoor activities.

This is part of the Cordiners' 'Body & Sole' campaign, initiated a couple of years ago, which has also bought sports footwear for use by Duke of Edinburgh participants in Scotland and sports shoes to allow disadvantaged people in Glasgow to take part in various activities.


The Cordiners were originally a group of craftspeople in Glasgow that made shoe wear and other leather goods, and can be traced back to the 16th century. They adopted the single title of ‘Cordiners’ from ‘Cordoba’ – a Spanish term for workers ie those who worked with the best Spanish shoe-leather. It is now a charity which also continues to assist the leatherworking craft where appropriate.

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