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History made at Maltmen AGM

Eight new Members were sworn-in at the Inc. of Maltmen AGM, six of them women including the Lord Provost of Glasgow -
the first women to be sworn-in (and the only remaining Craft to have, up to now, been 'men only'!).

Why do people join one of the 14 Crafts? The majority have a desire to assist in the charity or educational work that the Crafts do - it is good to give back! Sometimes they have long standing family connections to them, or work in a connected industry (such as hospitality in the case of the Maltmen), whilst others have ancestors who worked as actual Maltmen in Glasgow in years gone by.

The Maltmen operate under a Letter of Guildry from 1605, as well as Laws and Regulations approved by the Court of Session in 1974. These Laws did not permit the admission of women and so, after the Members voted to change the Laws, they then needed to be changed through a Petition to the Court of Session and with the consent of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. The Petition was granted earlier this year and this has resulted in the first lady Members now being admitted.

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