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Trades House Affiliation with Greater Glasgow Police

Deacon Convener Tom McInally and Collector Ken Dalgleish signed an affiliation with Greater Glasgow Police at the

beginning of October, undertaking to work together with common purpose and in mutual respect. The Greater Glasgow Police was represented by Chief Superintendant Hazel Hendren and Assistant Chief Superintendant Bernard Higgins.

The affiliation is a reconfirm of the close respect which the Trades House has for the Police and the long association since members of the Trades House helped to establish the City of Glasgow Police as the first Police Force in the United Kingdom in 1788 and which was later approved by the UK parliament in 1800.

Until 1975 and the absorption of the City police into the Strathclyde Police, the Chief Constable was a member of the Commonweal Committee which distributed funds to local community organisations with the affiliation offering a reconnection to work closely with the Police for future years.

Deacon Convener Tom McInally said “I am delighted to confirm the affiliation with the Greater Glasgow Police with which the Trade House has had a long and valued association and in whom we have the greatest respect. Attending the National Police Memorial Day at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Sunday illustrated the commitment and value of the Police force and reinforced our intent to confirm our support through this affiliation."

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