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Helping the people of Glasgow since 1605.

About us

Today, the Trades House of Glasgow is a charity, supporting those in need throughout the Greater Glasgow area by engaging the skills and commitment of the Incorporated Crafts, to develop the many educational projects we enable and charitable initiatives we support.

The Trades House manages funds in excess of £18 million and donations of more than £750,000 are awarded annually to deserving causes and individuals across the West of Scotland.

Who we are

Our activities

We run various educational initiatives to inspire and motivate those in learning.

We distribute charitable funds to help those in need, including The Commonweal Fund, MacFarlane Trust, Drapers Fund, Relief Fund and Education Fund.

We work with Third Sector organisations to assist in areas such as Kinship Care.

We encourage people to become involved in Trades House and welcome new members of the 14 Incorporated Crafts.

What we do

The 14 Crafts

The 14 Crafts

Each Craft is an independent charity, giving assistance and funding to their own areas of particular interest.

Many date back almost 500 years, being created from trades that were hugely important to Glasgow and helped shape the City over the centuries. They are proudly steeped in tradition, still aiming to reach those people that would benefit from their assistance most today, both young and old.

The 14 Incorporated Crafts